Pay Attention and Drive!

Welcome. PayAttentionandDrive! is a coalition of traffic safety advocates working to make Minnesota's roadways safer for everyone. Our aim is to reduce distracted driving crashes by encouraging people to focus all their attention on driving when they're behind the wheel.

When you think about distracted driving, what might come to mind right away is talking on a cell phone or texting. But distracted driving can be anything that takes your eyes off the road or takes your mind off the road or takes your hands off the wheel – or anything that takes your focus away from driving!

Almost everyone has a story about how a distracted driver almost — or did! — cause a crash or at least become a hazard on the road. And folks are looking for a place to tell those stories. Now you can tell us!

Your entry will be completely anonymous - unless you choose to provide contact information. Just follow the link and complete the form to tell your distracted driving story. It's fast and simple.

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